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Does the Arab Region have an Agrarian Question?

Max Ajl

Photo by Akram Al Rasny
Interviewed by Omar Dahi
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Max Ajl speaks on his recent article in The Journal of Peasant Studies with Omar Dahi. They cover the blind spots in and utility of agrarian studies. Ajl also touches on the need to include considerations of the national question and war in studying agro-ecology.


Max Ajl
Max Ajl

His work appears in the Political Economy Project, Jadaliyya, and Viewpoint Mag.

Max Ajl is a doctoral student in development sociology at Cornell University, completing a dissertation on the Tunisian national liberation struggle and post-colonial underdevelopment. His research focuses on food, agrarian, and ecological issues in the broader Arab region, as well as the intellectual history of development alternatives. Max’s articles on intellectual history have been published in the Review of African Political Economy and the Journal of Peasant Studies, and his articles on Syrian and Yemeni long-term rural underdevelopment are forthcoming in several edited collections. He is a member of the Political Economy Project and a co-editor of the Palestine and Political Economy pages at Jadaliyya, and is a member of Thimar, a collective focusing on agriculture in the Arab region. He is also an associated researcher with the Observatory for Food Sovereignty and the Environment, in Tunisia.

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